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The WEB-Method

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The WEB-Method

Weighted extended B-splines (WEB-splines) provide a new class of finite elements for solving two- and three-dimensional boundary value problems.
The resulting WEB-method does not require any grid generation and, as a consequence, can be implemented very efficiently. High accuracy can be obtained with relatively low dimensional approximation spaces.

Advantages of the WEB-method

  • no grid generation
  • natural integration in CAD/CAM-systems based on tensor product B-splines
  • simple implementation and short computing times
  • approximations of arbitrary order of accuracy by appropriate choice of the degree of the trial functions
  • low dimensional approximation spaces
  • exact fulfillment of boundary conditions
  • well suited for multigrid methods and hierarchical refinement

A brief description of the WEB-method can be found in the section 'The WEB-Method', numerical computations, and performance tests in 'Examples'. For technical details we refer to 'Publications'.

Last modification: 2010/02/24

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